Samsung Offers New Digital Presenter for Schools and Businesses

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CCS Presentations Systems partner Samsung offers the UF-80DX Digital Presenter which is an entirely new concept presenter. This compact, user-friendly style boasts a newly recreated attractive design as well as a new user interface and a many newly developed features.  

The Samsung UF-80DX is an advanced digital presenter camera that can be used to display anything from text on paper to 3 dimensional objects. It is equally valuable as an educational tool and a boardroom presentation device. The product has an overhead camera with a zoom lens and a white round base for showing translucent objects. The camera can be moved almost to an infinite range of positions. It has digital outputs to interface with just about any other video or computer device. 

  • Compact and user friendly styling 
  • 20fps, native XGA 1/3″ 850,000 Pixel Progressive Scan CCD 
  • Single, adjustable cold-cathode light source 
  • Image freeze, Text/Image Modes, plus save up to 4 userdefined presets
  • 42x powered auto focus zoom lens – 14X optical plus seamless, 3x digital zoom

With its XGA live display at up to 20fps and powerful 42x zoom function , the UF-80DX/ST is the perfect instrument for you to create a polished live presentation!

If your school or business needs a top digital presenter contact CCS Presentation Systems. We work daily with companies and organizations looking to equip their facilities with digital displays, interactive learning tools, audio-enhanced security systems and more. We are a provider of many Samsung products and can work with your staff to help plan, purchase and install LCD displays, wall mounts, digital presenters and more. Find us at

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