April 2018

More and more businesses are incorporating AV systems into their buildings. It is one of the contributors to the growth of the global display market, which isforecast to be worth nearly $169 billion by 2022. As a result, AV design is no
longer an afterthought.

Projects where architects and project managers consider integration in the early stages of interior and structural design result in better aesthetics, performance, and cost-savings.

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March 2018

Businesses today are moving away from large conference rooms and
toward technology-based spaces where small groups can meet and share
With business today moving at 100 MB per second or faster, companies
are shedding the stodgy, slow-changing ways of the past in favor of a
nimble approach where ideas are developed quickly and creativity is the
new currency.
Nowhere is that shift more evident than at the corporate office. Instead
of large conference rooms where ideas are presented to the board and
discussed endlessly in committees, companies are adopting the use of
smaller “huddle rooms” where small groups can hash out and refine ideas
for quick implementation.
But what exactly is a huddle room? For the most part, it depends on who
you ask, but there are some general concepts on which most people

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January 2018

Do your employees gather at random desks to brainstorm and solve work challenges? Do they resort to their personal mobile devices to get quick answers to problems? Is your conference room suited for all the technology that employees need for meetings and strategy sessions?
Traditional workspaces are out — and the name of the new game is collaboration.
Today’s work environment is moving toward informal gatherings so employees can share ideas and insights, and that means a fresh approach for work spaces. We’re here to help you with the full range of audio visual systems that are perfect for transitioning your business environment into a collaborative workspace for the future.

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November 2017

How many display screens and monitors can you count when you are in a hospitality environment? Audiovisual technology is now everywhere in the hospitality industry. With increase in technological advancements, there’s proliferation of audiovisual communications technologies, including lighting, projection systems, sound, display, and video apparent in every sector globally. Whether you are traveling, spending time in a hotel or resort, at the airport, in a restaurant or nightclub, the number of display screens is increasing by the day. One thing is for sure with display screens; they capture
your attention, and most times, you could be caught glued to them…

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ccs presentation systems audio video integration
October 2017

The day we have all been told was coming has arrived. The day when everything would be on computers, and all our electronics would communicate with each other is here…and it is here to stay. We call this the digital age, and one of the most awesome things about the digital age is the level of inclusion it has brought. Our devices work together…..

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CCS October 2017 Newsletter